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You Asked, We Answered

Bridal Bouquet

Can I view the items I hire before my wedding day?

Yes, of course! We can arrange to bring the items to you, or you may visit us at our base in Leeds. Alternatively, we can provide detailed photographs, videos and dimensions of all items.

Is there a minimum spend in place?

Yes, there is a minimum spend of £50 per order for hiring services, and £499 for styling services. 

Do you provide discounts for larger orders?

Yes - the larger the order, the bigger the savings!

Vow & Wow Table Setting

Do you require payment upfront?

No - we aim to work with you to bring your dream wedding to life. Since we understand the many outgoing costs that come with a wedding, we only ask that you pay a small deposit (from as low as 5% depending on the order size!). Additionally, we offer monthly payment plans which you may carry over beyond the wedding date itself! 

If you wish to discuss our flexible pricing models, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

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